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Have you ever reflected on why you do the things you do and what makes you happy?
We all have different thoughts, actions, and emotions; you just have to be true to yourself when you reflect on your own life.
Take an honest look on your life and realise how much the different emotions are on you. We do things depending on the spirit's level of awareness.
Do you depend on possessions, people and things outside of yourself to make you happy? Do you depend on escapism like watching T.V, movies, or in isolation to do things you like, looking for happiness for yourself?
The business and advertising worlds know this very well. They use your dependence on things outside of yourself so that you feel good, to entice you to buy what they are selling. Have you ever taken a serious look at why you buy the things you buy?
Don't expect the outside world to produce lasting happiness, because after the initial euphoria wears off, you will find yourself looking outside of yourself for more or dif…


“It’s difficult to be quiet if you have nothing to do”
-Arthur Schopenhauer-

Dear brothers and sisters, elected parliamentarians, I would like to say thanks for all you are doing to our country and for your work in representing your constituencies, where you stood and came out victorious. For each of you belong to a specific religion and for that is an inner conviction of who God is in your life.
You went around thanking people who voted for you. But it was also important that you thanked God for the gifts and life he gave you to crisscross your constituency. I do not know whether you did it or not. For those who did thank God, God bless you.

1. It’s recorded, let’s say it’s written, in the first chapter of Job that “His sons used to take turns giving feasts, sending invitations to their three sisters to eat and drink with them. And when each feast had run its course, Job would send for them and sanctify them, rising early and offering holocausts fo…

“I divide the world in three classes, the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen,
The overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens” - Nicholas Murray Butler-

“I have made you light of the nations, so that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth” Act 13:4-7

Dear my beloved at heart,
After the fall of man, God in his wisdom decided on a plan of restoration. The history of salvation leaves no doubt that the people of Israel were the few whom salvation was to come first, and from them and by them it was spread to the rest of the people of the world.
It was a free choice, a free gift of God. The Israelites were destined to be a light for the nations, so that salvation might reach the ends of the earth through them.

Theologians sometimes ask themselves these questions:

a) Was God obliged to create man? Whatever the answer may be, it’s further asked
b) Given that God had…
“Who can determine when it is, that the scales in the balance of opinion begin to turn, and what was greater probability in behalf of a belief becomes a positive doubt against it ?”- (Cardinal Newman)
“It’s the Lord”
My dear brothers and sisters,
The day we were baptised we were incorporated in the Body of Christ. With that incorporation we received privileges, very often we think of our duties as Christians, arising from the new life we receive, we think of our duties summarised in the commandments. We tend to overlook our privileges. Think of the royal family. The princes and princesses have obligation arising from their position in society. But what is foremost are their privileges, their prerogatives.
One of our privileges is that of being able to recognize Jesus as the risen and glorified Lord and once we have recognized him to make his life, his death and his resurrection our own. We do not find it in Holy Scripture that the risen Lord was seen and recognized by the Pharisees or Scr…