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First Reading (Sir 3:19-21, 30-31)

Second Reading (Heb 12:18-19, 22-24a)

Gospel (Luke 14:1, 7-14)

“An honest man does not make himself a dog for the sake of a bone” – Danish proverb

There are some among us who want only to see the Jesus who is praying not sitting at the table, attends feasts, jokes and simply being an ordinary person. The Jesus who appears to be human annoys some people.

Our God is a God who wants to be with us, who eats with us, shares our games, and likes to see us cheerful, serene, and full of joy.

When you are invited for a meal you need to slow your feet when taking your sitting position at table, its good manners to wait for the host to show you where to sit, you don’t take a seat randomly. In Israel hierarchies are to be respected also when taking meal, so places are fixed with great attention. The most important guest is asked to sit at the centre, with the honest next to him, and then all the others according to age. This is a normal rule, but there is always som…

21st Sunday of Year C: OPEN BUT NARROW

Readings: Isaiah 66:18-21; Heb 12:5-7, 11-13; Luke 13:22-30

Theme: Going to heaven requires deep self-discipline of prayer and self-evaluation (METANNOIA)

“A Christian like a candle, must keep cool and burn at the same time” – M. Rosell

Everyone wants to go to heaven but strangely enough we fear to die. Death is a common factor which each of us have in common, if we knew this at the bottom of our hearts and souls, pride would not be part of our daily vocabulary language, and behavior.

Christ is coming to gather the nations of every of every language (Isaiah 66:18). But who will actually enter, will your tribe be there and which tribe will claim the victory of torch bearer of salvation. The disciples asked Jesus the question and he was not prepared to answer. If it was you which answer would you give to such a question and what do you think Jesus will tell you? (Luke 13:23).

There is no favouritism in the Kingdom of God. It’s not like world cup inauguration or finals where the telescopic le…


First Reading Jeremiah 38:4-6, 8-10

Second Reading Heb 12:1-4

Gospel Luke 12:49-57

“As regards the will of God, even if some take scandal, we must not let this hamper our freedom of action”. – St. Basil

What is the “fire” that Jesus has come to bring on earth (49)? What “baptism” is he to receive (50)? Why does he say that he has not come to bring peace (51)? What are the “signs of the time” that the hypocrites are unable to interpret (56)? What has all this to do with the parable explaining the need to avoid going to the magistrate (58-59)? We shall divide our gospel this Sunday into four parts, so that we may better understand these images and similes that appear rather harsh.

1. First Part (vv 49-50)

God’s faithfulness is always there “ab initio” (Gen 9:11). This Sunday we would like to pose for a moment and ask ourselves, what fire is Jesus talking about? Is it this fire of hell imaginary fire which our small minds have grown to think about, where the wicked of this world will be b…


“A faint faith is better than a heresy” – St. Thomas Moore
Readings: Wisdom 18:6-9, Heb 11:1-2, 8-19, Luke 12:32-48
Theme: To be a serious follower of Christ, which requires the reordering of one’s values and relationships, we need the grace of God to aid our human efforts.
A true disciple is not one who wastes his time in trying to investigate about the time or place for the Lord’s coming. But he is one who in prayer and commitment, patiently waits in a sense of responsibility and fidelity. The Lord waits at his appropriate time to bring us salvation. We must be ready to receive him that his coming is not useless.
We have a habit of dividing life into compartments. There is a part in which we remember that God is present; and there is a part in which we never think of him at all.
We tend to draw the line between sacred and secular; but if we really know what Christianity means we will know that there is no part of life where the master is away. We are working and living for…