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I- Ex 17:8-13, Ps 120:1-8, II- 2Tim 3:14-4:2, III- Luke 18:1-8.

“Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for, God knows best what is good for us”.
Psalm 120
I lift up my eyes to the hills, to find deliverance; from the Lord deliverance comes to me, the Lord who made heaven and earth. Never will he who guards thee allow thy foot to stumble; never fall asleep at his post!

THIS IS A PRAYER of the suffering, a prayer that might well be directed at us by the enslaved peoples of our world who look, though they have looked vainly for years for deliverance.

We have looked, too, and vainly, for deliverance of our brethren from the godless tyranny that holds them in chains. We have “lifted up our eyes” to “the summit” where conferences were to bring peace to the world. We have found only treachery and greed and betrayal from those who understand “peace” in terms of subjugated, enslaved, beaten world, where…