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What is life’s deep secret? Do we ever understand life? Do we ever get things right? What lies at the centre of life? These are deeper questions which gnaw away and we are never really sure how to answer them… do we really understand what our lives are all about? Yes and No! I suspect that most of us go through back and (forward) forth between knowing and not knowing, between having days when everything seems out of sorts.

We are living with secrets, we sometimes know, and then not know. I suspect we know what that feels like. Someday it seems we know the secret to living and feel we are inside of things, at their heart. This may be not necessarily, be something we are consciously aware of, but something sensed at a deeper level. There are times when our lives make sense. Steadiness lies not in the conviction that something will turn out well, but in certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

There are days when we know the truth of that. But they are days whe…


“ Theme of the Sunday”

We have all experienced thirst; we all know what happens to our fields when it doesn’t rain.
The first reading and the Gospel speak to us of water. The people of Israel from the desert survived because God provided water for them.
Jesus in the gospel speaks of a new water, new life that he is about to give us
The second reading opens our hearts to confidence, trust and joy because it assures us that no man will be deprived of this water.

First Reading (Ex 17:3-7) II- Second Reading (Rom 5:1-2, 5-8) Gospel John 4:5—42

The word well should be ringing some bells in your in your mind. The well was a place shepherds could provide water for their animals, women could come and fetch water (of course, also share the news and gossip); the well was a place where lovers came to look for their mates. (Gen 24:10-25; 26:15-25; 29:1-14; Ex 2:15-21).
In the gospel of today we see Jesus and the woman from Samaria. Those who have visited holy land will tell you that this well exists t…

1st Sunday of Lent (13th March 2011)

Forgive yourself for not forgiving

“Then Jesus was led by the spirit out into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil”

Gen 2:7-9; 3:1-7, Rom 5:12-19, Matt 4:1-11.

At the baptism of Jesus, the Father declared him his beloved son, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him and filled him. This was a very glorious day. What is surprising is that the same spirit who had filled Christ with glory, immediately afterwards leads him through the wilderness to be tempted. This is a consoling consideration for us. It is impossible to escape the assault of temptation in this life. Their sources are varied. But one thing is sure they are not meant to make us fall. They are like examinations. The questions are not phrased with the intention of making the students fail. What the examiner wants is to test the candidate’s knowledge and ability to communicate it. Temptations are sent to test the strength of our mind, heart and soul.

And we should not be surprised that with the years temptations become stronge…


“Sin has four characteristics; self-sufficiency instead of faith, self-will instead of submission, self-seeking instead of benevolence, self-righteousness instead of humility”. (E. Paul Hovey)

The Feast of Easter

The Gospel tells us that Jesus rose on “the first day of the week” (Mt 28:1). This is why the Christians began meeting together for their weekly celebration no longer on Saturdays, lie the Jews, but on the following day (Acts 20:6-12; I Col 16:2), which the Romans called the “day of the sun”. Such a name was soon changed “to the day of the Lord”.
The early church did not celebrate Christmas Day or feasts in honour of our Lady or any other feast for that matter. There was only the weekly celebration of the Lord’s resurrection.
A few decades passed like this. Then the need was felt for celebrating the central events of our faith in a special way. Time was set for the first of their feasts, Easter Sunday, which was considered “the mother of all Sundays”, “the mother of all Feasts”.…