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MAKING GREAT CHOICES: Learning to use your head and heart.                             (Chukua control wewe mwenyewe)
We are all warming up to enter the new year and excited to see the year 2018. We need to build a foundation, and a strong one that can help us survive through the year. 
We need to have an ambitious vision of the future, and stand for values that are not for sale. We need to create an enduring core but also be prepared to change everything else. We need to preserve the core and stimulate inner progress. 
There should be something to incite us lest we become immuned and simply indifferent.  If you have no core principles, you will fail, more so if you are not apart of changing the world around you. How do we make this decisions in 2018?
You need to set a tool of engagement and operation of doing things, amidst the dilemma we have to resolve. So instead of looking outside ourselves for answers in bookstores shelves when we face major decisions. We have to learn to look insid…

Trailing our clouds of childhood in Baby Jesus

Meatai ntorrno nemeata nkiting'oto- There is no evil that has no end                                                 (Samburu saying- Kenya)
We are all going to participate in the Christmas festivities and celebration of Christmas Mass and we have all if not the majority are decorating their houses, homes and habitations with Christmas trees, cribs, lightings and making a complete overhaul in our respective houses.
Very interesting image passed over my mind that I felt I need to share with you as my Christmas thought, as you do what you are interested in doing at this moment of holidays. The image was that of looking into the baby’s eyes and seeing the joy and delight which can be found in that baby, for me that baby is baby Jesus (Divine baby jesus). 
I hope you will be able to like it as you decorate your christmas tree. Give a flash back to your own childhood, you saw the brightness of life, opened up to people and trusted, at the centre of your own universe.You felt free to expre…


EDUCATION WITHOUT GOD PRODUCES CLEVER DEVILS. Boy child has been checked as in a chess the king runs out of one step movement, he surrenders and  we call that check!!!game over, close the chess board.
Get the boy child out of class or school and you tilt the scale of insecurity, lawlessness, and unarrests. Why are many young people, simply evaporating into the air...what becomes of them, do they come back in form of "rain" with hailstone to start pounding us up.
Even that girl child is put on high alert because the security risk is upgraded to very volatile.
If the boy child is not taken care of, someone else will make use of him, not in the way we know as a society of giving back to the society but breaking up the society in a very peculiar way, beyond human imagination.
It looks to me, there is someone militarizing our education system. Don't be surprised to hear that after Form Four, a compulsory one year enrollment into NYS. The government is good at misus…


Pope Benedict addresses Teachers and Religious
Chapel of St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, Friday, 17 September
Your Excellency the Secretary of State for Education, Bishop Stack, Dr Naylor, Reverend Fathers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am pleased to have this opportunity to pay tribute to the outstanding contribution made by religious men and women in this land to the noble task of education. 
I thank the young people for their fine singing, and I thank Sister Teresa for her words. To her and to all the dedicated men and women who devote their lives to teaching the young, I want to express sentiments of deep appreciation. 
You form new generations not only in knowledge of the faith, but in every aspect of what it means to live as mature and responsible citizens in today’s world.
As you know, the task of a teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be …


Today some of us are finding ourselves in an open market of rapid interactions and releases of messages on Facebook platform, that we are caught in between hit and run attitudes, intellectual terrorism and the whole reality of fake news,(Alternative truth), where someone seats behind the keyboard of his laptop, cellphone, and literally does a lot of "bombing activations", "grenade" throwing and attacks in the net, through what we call "let the fingers do the walking".
Many of us have closed their facebook, twitter, and social media accounts or simply switched off that world of social media. They have chickened out. Is that a solution? maybe, maybe not for a short while or temporal solution who knows.
The internet and social media is here and it looks like every day new approaches and means of delivering news, agenda depending on what you are planning and inventing easier ways of communicating inter and intra the global village.
Some of us have built on in…


Celibacy can be compared to an orchestra. You don't pick an instrument and enter into an orchestra involves a lot of practice, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of time, a lot of quality space and discipline.

To need more than 5months of Preparation. Not all who start in the orchestra school finish, that is how things are.

It doesn't mean that those who leave are bad at it. They may sing well except that they have difficulty of reaching the wanted note and key required for the audience. They audience have to be part of the training.

That is why the trainer will always emphasize, assume you are on an international stage of dignitaries what do want them to see and feel? Music, passion, flavour of the orchestra No!!!!!

 Celibacy is not for all, that is why there is a long period of formation. To think, rethink, evaluate, contemplate, test, try, and tease outs to reach a point of right baking temperature, some may still go through but what awaits them out there, m…


Reflect on these words

1.Your BIRTH came through others, by the very fact that your mother had good lovely friends to consult, whether her boyfriend, your father was a good man.

2.Your NAME was given by others. You were crying coming to this world, while others were just amazed how you looked and what name could suit your birthday.

3. You were EDUCATED by others. Your nursery teacher, primary teacher, secondary teacher, university, job...etc what do you owe them except love and discipline. Practice what you learnt.

4.Your INCOME indirectly comes through others. By the very fact you get your cash through the bank, appreciate he/she who didn’t forget to sign the cheque.

5. Your RESPECT is given by others. You don’t demand for it, to live and learn to be respected because of who you are to others.

6. Your first BATH was given by others. First your mother then your house you remember her, or she was just any other woman paid to bath you.

7. Your last BATH will be done by other.…


We thank God in many ways and those ways are part of our daily living. Sometimes we use words and we do not know whether they are what we mean. 

I have been reflecting on something for this last few days and not much from books and discourses but from the technological point of view. 

The world has become too small that one is able to know what is happening around himself or herself in a flash of seconds.

The PC is a very interesting machine and very easy to use for those who know how to use it well, not that you have gone through a computer school but how to use it in the mind capacity-intelligence.

Anyone can press a button of a key board and things simply change and eyes open and wonder takes its toll.

This process of doing things and above all in the technological point of view has struck a note in me recently. Why? 

The keyboard on my PC has simply made me discover something I have been using with little attention to it. What is it? Is the question you might be asking right now. In our …


Consider the language and image surrounding the death of Jesus as paying the price for our sins. We are saved by his blood. He paid the debt of sin. We are washed clean in his blood, the blood of the lamb. He is the Lamb of God who takes away our sins.
He restored us to life, after our death in Adam’s sin. He conquered death, once and for all. By his stripes we were healed. He offered an eternal sacrifice to God.
He is our victim. He opened the gates of heaven. He stripped the principalities and Satan of their power. He descended into hell. Accepting the truth of his language is one thing, explaining it within the categories and language of ordinary life is something else.
About Jesus’ death, we have a language but we don’t have a vocabulary. We know its meaning, but we can never adequately explain it.
What exactly do we mean by these statements? How does Jesus’ death save me from being accountable for my sins? How does his death assist in substituting for human shortcoming, including o…


J. ANDREW KIRK, What is Mission, Theological Explorations, Dorton, Longman, Todd, London, 1999.
Author J. ANDREW KIRK is a dean and head of the School of Mission and World Christianity at Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham. He has lived in Latin America and travelled extensively, and is the author of several books in the area of mission studies, including The Meaning of Freedom: A study of Secular, Muslim and Christian view (Peternoster, 1998).
Acknowledgement He engages with the thinking of others in case one has to come up with sound mission, with the crucial mission issues of the moment. What is Mission to J. Andrew Kirk is a matter for the whole people of God, listening to what the Spirit of Jesus says t the Churches, hearing the sorrows and joys of people’s daily lives and listening to one another. He captures it well in the statement of ‘I am because you are’. (Ubuntu Philosophy).
Introduction A number of years in mission education of searching for a proper book for mission, dedicated in …


Liberation Theology is one of those exciting teachings that are quite modern which does not only have a belonging to Latin America, but its roots have reached many quarters of the globe and like wine, it’s time for sincere dialogue to be held without anyone keeping the cards under the tables, so that the challenge and controversial issues are clearly dealt with.
This has been provoked both negatively and positively raised mixed reactions, some though exaggerated and emotionally drained. This has been twinkled with sometimes political and ecclesial frontlines. This has keenly raised interests, and the suspicion, of the Sacred Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith[1]. Pope Paul VI, gave qualified approval to the major theme of Liberation Theology: The Liberation of men and women from all forms of oppression and exploitation, both in their individual and social lives[2]
The General Assemblies of the Society of African Mission, in revising and clarifying our m…