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In the Business week, George Amber writes on the theme of leadership and management with a captivating topic on The Seven Secrets of Inspiring LeadersonSunday, September 28, 2008. Delving into a research by Maritz Research which had an interesting outcome of employees in any given institution who are always motivated and looking forward to going to work every morning. The research found out that only 10% had that enthusiasm. The question to as is why? This all boils down to lack of leadership in most work places, institutions and organizations. The following seven techniques were shown to result in inspirational communication: Demonstrate enthusiasm always. A leader must be full of passion for what he/she does. That inner push to inspire the self and the others before you expire, for you cannot give what you don’t have. As a leader isn’t fair to ask for more than you cannot offer, or promise to construct a bridge where there is no river. Passion is…
The Common Mistakes We Make As Leaders…There is this very interesting article written by Tony Morgan., in Church Solution Magazine entitled 10 Stupid Leadership Mistakes I’ve Made, dated 6 May 2008. 

These ten points have been my soul searching and understanding of what leadership is all about especially in context of being a church leader and a pastoral agent. 

These are common mistakes we as leaders make and the most interesting thing of these mistakes is that as a leader in whatever capacity, rank, position have to face the litmus test and admit that we have in one time in our leadership vocation we have fallen into these mistakes and ought to own up and learn from our mistakes without blaming anyone as a scapegoat. 

I do believe that once we share these points, we will be able to become good leaders in our churches, parishes, communities and at a larger level in this global village of ours.

1. Hiring too fast and firing too slow. 

We tend to always want to do things in a very fast mann…