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3 things in life that in life that will never come back...


Your watching is ticking whether you know it or not.


Like unfeathering a chicken then throwing them in can’t return them back to the chicken.


Every challenge is an moment of improvement.

3 things in life that should never be lost


Nobody will never hand you peace, but your life how you keep your inner system thinking.


The worst thought that can pass your mind is lack of hope.


Learn to tell your self that you have limits. Don’t allow people blow your trumpet of long have limit and you need to know them. Don’t become a politician who promises to build a bridge where there is no river.

3 things in life that are most valuable:


You can’t give what you don’t have. If you need love say it, don’t assume the other knows and ought to respond. You will wait forever.


Whatever God you conceive Him to be have a good constant touch.




The parish council is a group of people, chosen from various families, who come together with a Christian vision of a community of which we call ecclesial parish. The administration of the parish is based on effectiveness, efficiency and relevancy of the parish priest and his collaborators, working together, functioning well and with high sense of life quality assessments. The bishop is the main pastor and administrator of economic resources of the diocese. They are elected members baptized and fully immersed within the community who have rights and obligations above all to live an authentic Christian life as a witness to the entire personal experience and maturity. The preoccupation should be to activate the role of parish council and to function as an ecclesial unit for the help of evangelization. They don’t assume posts, they assume a service that is specific for a Christian community, they have to collaborate with the parish priest, not to form small groups pro or against the paris…

Areopagus...You convince me or I confuse You...stay focused!!!

Parameters of the Church's Mission Ad Gentes
37. By virtue of Christ's universal mandate, the mission ad gentes knows no boundaries. Still, it is possible to determine certain parameters within which that mission is exercised, in order to gain a real grasp of the situation.
(a) Territorial limits.
Missionary activity has normally been defined in terms of specific territories. The Second Vatican Council acknowledged the territorial dimension of the mission ad gentes,59 a dimension which even today remains important for determining responsibilities, competencies and the geographical limits of missionary activity. 
Certainly, a universal mission implies a universal perspective. Indeed, the Church refuses to allow her missionary presence to be hindered by geographical boundaries or political barriers. 
But it is also true that missionary activity ad gentes, being different from the pastoral care of the faithful and the new evangelization of the non-practicing, is exercised within …