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“He is a man who acts like a man”- Danish Proverb

“And falling to their knees they did him homage. Then, opening their treasures they offered him gift” (Mt: 2:11).

Dear beloved sisters and brothers in Christ,
1. In the Calendar year today is the first Sunday. I am sure our first obligation is to thank God. The favors we have received during the past year 2009 are many. Think of the many people who have died during those twelve months, some of them we have known intimately.
Think of the many accidents, in some of them your friends or relatives were involved, Think of the misfortunes that have been spared.
Now turn to the spiritual side of our life. The innumerable graces we have received in the Sacraments and the Sacraments themselves have been so readily available to us. Consider the many occasions of sin you have been enabled to avoid. Recall briefly and humbly the victories you have gained over the enemies of our souls. A cursory glance over the past year will reveal that this is an…