Sunday, January 3, 2010


“He is a man who acts like a man”- Danish Proverb

“And falling to their knees they did him homage. Then, opening their treasures they offered him gift” (Mt: 2:11).

Dear beloved sisters and brothers in Christ,
1. In the Calendar year today is the first Sunday. I am sure our first obligation is to thank God. The favors we have received during the past year 2009 are many. Think of the many people who have died during those twelve months, some of them we have known intimately.
Think of the many accidents, in some of them your friends or relatives were involved, Think of the misfortunes that have been spared.
Now turn to the spiritual side of our life. The innumerable graces we have received in the Sacraments and the Sacraments themselves have been so readily available to us. Consider the many occasions of sin you have been enabled to avoid. Recall briefly and humbly the victories you have gained over the enemies of our souls. A cursory glance over the past year will reveal that this is an area where God has never failed us. We are therefore, duty bound to thank Him. At the threshold of this New Year gratitude is our first obligation.
2. But as we take the gift of this New Year from the hands of God, let us lift up our eyes and look at the Giver and ask ourselves how much we know him. We are celebrating the feast of Epiphany that is manifestation.
In dealing with man God at various times manifested Himself in various ways, but the most unique way has been that of the Incarnation.
Let us look at these wise men. They received a call. They accepted it, and guided by the star they found the Lord Jesus, by means of what they saw and heard, they believed what they did not see. Like them we too are Gentiles. We are also called to come to Jesus. He manifests Himself in our neighbour. (Students, young men, the poor who ask for assistance, a mother carrying a baby on her back, the domestic servants, etc). God manifests himself in all these people. Do I recognize him?
God manifests himself also in the events of one’s personal life, in the events of the community, in the national events and in world events. The wise men faithfully followed the star and it led them to Jesus. In a similar way Faith, which is our only guiding star, will lead us to him in these events, if only we will surrender ourselves to it.
3. Once the wise men came to Jesus and knew him to be what he was, their first response was to fall on their knees and do homage to him. This is a very important aspect of Christian Response to God. We would do well on this first Sunday of the year to make a few resolutions, to draw up the programme of the year. And high up on the list write “Worship” and take worship in its various forms: family prayer, meditation, private prayers and devotions, community and public prayer. We who are living near parishes do not know how fortunate we are. None of us has to walk a distance of three miles to find a Catholic Church. Facilities are abundantly provided for us: the chapel is open all day: daily and Sunday Masses are organized to suit everyone. “then they opening their treasures, they offered him gifts ”
I would like to think of gifts we offer to important persons: you give an ash tray to a minister, a pen to a retiring civil servant, a painting to a director of a company, a goat to a monarch and the question I ask myself: “of what values is it to him, is it worthy of him?”. Yet both the giver and the receiver feel happy about it”
These objects are symbols of appreciation, gratitude, respect etc

1) Let it be a year to know God as he manifests Himself to us
2) Let us fall on our knees and do God homage
3) Let us offer Him gifts.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Nyamunga Mubiru, SSA
P.O.BOX 15318 Code 00509,
Office : +254-020-230-806

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