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PALM SUNDAY-17-04-2011


The Evangelists are not reporting the passion and death of Jesus to move us. They are showing us Christ who freely gives up his life for love of all people.
The first reading tells us what happens to each “servant” who wants to be faithful to the mission God has entrusted him
The gospel presents the only one who has fully realized in himself the image of his “servant”: from the glory of the Father to the Humiliation of the death on the cross, to the glory of the Father to the humiliation of the death on the cross, to the glorification of the resurrection. This is also the course proposed to every person.

Nobody is excluded from the kingdom of heaven except through human fault.
(St. Thomas Aquinas)

Dear beloved sisters and brothers in Christ,

Our first reflection on Palm Sunday is this day ushers us into Holy Week. And it introduces us to Holy Week with a memorial of our Lord’s solemn into Jerusalem. This solemn moment at close of Christ’s earthly life shows that he we…


1st Reading (Ezekiel 37:12-14)
2nd Reading (Rom 8:8-11)
3rd Reading (John 11:1-45)


In this Sunday we have to reflect on light that light which glows in each person. To some it shines, others it’s blinking, others it has been dim or dead. Jesus is talking to us about the resurrection, we need to believe in what we say and live. Most of us want to go to heaven but we fear to die.

“Those who live in the lord never see each other for the last time”
(German proverb)

Read this Gospel and note down those things which usually confuse, puzzle you and those you find difficult to understand. We are being told of a strange family that has no mention of parents, husband, wives, sons… only brothers and sisters. I believe you might know what this family stands for in the mind of John. It’s clear: it’s the Christian community, where there are no superiors or subjects, but all are brothers and sisters. In the family a brother dies and this death always brings people to ask thems…