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2nd SUNDAY OF ADVENT (December 5th, 2010)

1st reading Isaiah 11:1-10; Ps 71:1-2.7-8.12-13.17, 2nd reading Rom 15:4-9. Gospel

Mt 3:1-12

“The falling drops will at last wear the stone” - Lucretius



Ageless as a sun or moon he shall endure; /kindly as the rain that drops on the meadow grass, /as the showers that water the earth. / Justice in his days shall thrive, and the blessings of peace; / and may those days last till the moon shines no more. / From sea to sea, from the great river to the ends of the earth, / his sways shall reach…. / he will give the poor redress when they cry to him, / destitute folk, with none to befriend them; / in their need and helpless, they shall have his compassion.

THIS GREAT SONG of longing for truth and justice, called “A psalm of Solomon,” express man’s highest ideals. People of all ages and nations, evil as they can be, have always desired this perfection, this fulfillment of their greatest aspirations. In an earthly sense, little progress has been made toward the goal over c…


The pagans had used the word “advent” to mean the “coming” of their god. On a fixed day of the year, they would expose its statue, because they were convinced that in this way the god would make its presence felt among its faithful, ready to hand out blessings and favours. The word “advent” was used also to mean the “visit” of a king to a city, or the crowning day of a sovereign.

The Christians applied all these various meanings to the “coming” of their God into the world, who had manifested himself in Jesus Christ, while the term “advent” was used to identify specifically the period of time set aside to prepare this “visit”.

From the way things are: hasn’t Jesus come already? Why do we prepare as if he were to come once again? Is Christmas just a birthday feast and Advent the time one spends to prepare for it buying food and drinks, inviting friends, learning songs and dances? No. Advent is nothing of all this. This is how the pagans prepared their feast of the “birth of the sun”. Chri…