In the Business week, George Amber writes on the theme of leadership and management with a captivating topic on The Seven Secrets of Inspiring Leaders on Sunday, September 28, 2008. Delving into a research by Maritz Research which had an interesting outcome of employees in any given institution who are always motivated and looking forward to going to work every morning. The research found out that only 10% had that enthusiasm. The question to as is why? This all boils down to lack of leadership in most work places, institutions and organizations. The following seven techniques were shown to result in inspirational communication:
Demonstrate enthusiasm always. A leader must be full of passion for what he/she does. That inner push to inspire the self and the others before you expire, for you cannot give what you don’t have. As a leader isn’t fair to ask for more than you cannot offer, or promise to construct a bridge where there is no river. Passion is something that cannot be taught, you are either charismatic or not, passion is the inner force to move an institution or community. Today we need to see leaders who are well informed about what they are talking about and are part of the solution they are looking for. Once you tap your passion as a leader you need in turn to help others to tap theirs, it’s an infectious spiral effect, if I smile, automatically you will smile back unless something is happening inside of you that cannot make you to reciprocate the same smile.
Articulate a compelling course of action. The leader should articulate very clearly issues not leaving any doubt to the people to make up what he meant, that is for the politicians who love to confuse their listeners with complicated words to wood wick their constituents. Sometimes those who are good leaders are always enticed to forget their leadership call and delving into politics and once he/she becomes a politician he/she cannot articulate the compelling course of action hence leading to its disappearance. The leader should be consistent and to stick to his or her vision mandate. That vision has to be clearly understood by all.  A leader should never say that he/she has a vision for the people, but to involve the people to see what he or she is seeing as far as that vision is concerned. This vision could be a short and of few less than ten words. Should be catch frees that each member in the company or institution can recite it without any difficulty.
Sell the benefit. To be called a good leader is not all about you parse but an inspiration or model that people around you can see and feel, it’s a magnet of attraction for other people you may not know, meet, talk to be your presence is a warm admiration to emulate. When people around you start to use phrases like what would so and so do in such a situation, that in itself is a direct teaching without a classroom scenario but life experience and lived lessons. As the wise will tell you that you do not need to make loud noise in order to be heard. Sell the benefit but brand it in such a way that no doubt in the brand, where the brand sells itself not the sales persons.
Tell more stories. Leadership is about what inspired me to be where I am as a leader. Is there a hidden story that you have never shared with other colleagues? Are there pains, doubts, trials, challenges, dilemma encountered? without which people will be seeing you as a leader who has no feelings or never express any emotions but a super human. Stories connect with people on an emotional level.
Invite participation. A leader is never full of himself, and has no readymade answers t the given problems. The solutions are always got when people talk at the round table and expressing freely their ideas, points of reference without feeling small, ignored or intimidated. This comes handy when dealing with young men, for they are full of ideas, with good listening one learns more of that energy and creativity. The young people need to be involved in the process, give them a role to play and as a leader sit back to see the marvels that are produced by the youthfulness. They want to know that their work is adding up to something meaningful.
Reinforce an optimistic outlook. As a leader don’t be very pessimistic about the future, don’t paint a dark picture but paint that picture and inspire the listeners and followers to imagine that place you want to lead them. Nelson Mandela of South Africa after sending many years in prison under the apartheid regime, he was released and he believed in the power of forgiveness and reconciliation, he reinforced an optimistic outlook that shocked many. Humanly speaking an thought of but he went beyond emotions and human feeling and acquired an ontological sense of what others ought to see in him if any given country is to be reconciled. A leader should be optimistic, positive in his language. A leader is always  a beacon of hope.
Encourage potential. As a leader, one should be ready to invest motivational and emotional development. An encouragement or praise drives inner emotional potency to a greater height of productivity, while a negative comment completely breaks down the morale gear hence driving one into a stunted growth and discouragement and the only option left is to quit what one felt to be a home or an environment worth to stay. Of course, one may say, you stay and with time the situation will change, that has been tried in marriage institution, education, social areas but with minimum or no productivity except pains and sorrows, of bad leaders sitting on people’s emotions. When people receive genuine praise, their doubt diminishes and their spirits soar. Encourage people and they’ll walk through walls for you. No leader accomplishes a vision alone. Inspiration is critical to rally people to make the journey and to commit the time and energy required to bring a vision to pass. These seven techniques present some great ways to inspire and motivate people to greatness.

Be a leader where you find there is a vacuum and always never think that to consult makes you smaller than your title. Believe in yourself as much as those whom they have placed in your hands deserve the best in you and that can be produced and cultivated by all.


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