The Reality of the Migrants

In times like ours, there are so many things being done at the frontiers of the deep seas, oceans, marked by persistent economic and by a crisis of values, terrorism, weapon trade, drug trade and human trafficking.

These acts expose many to conditions that are detrimental and harmful to their personal dignity.
The migrant person is often forced, with complex structural and supernatural reasons, to move away from his or her place of origin for the sake of survival, and in the new environment often remains socially, politically and culturally isolated. The migrant is left to confront his/her alienable freedom, hence becoming subject to violence and fraud, corrupt cartels, mafia and with this the migrant finds himself/herself restless and perturbed, why? Because the migrant personality is ignored or degraded.

This migrant is so much in need for work, to settle down and continue with life, once things start to settling from where he comes from, he feel safe to return to build his ‘patria’, he has the enthusiasm to get back, make a U-turn to get back home, there is always time to return home, that dream is always very clear in each migrant of good will.

The Church document called the 'Joys and Hopes of the Church' ‘Gaudium-Joyset- and Spes-Hope’ all these being Latin words is simply put as the joys and hopes in the migrants, who once there is work, ordinary means of subsistence and cooperation in God’s creation (Gaudium #72) states that this has to be in consistent with the dignity of the person (Google Gaudium et Spes, nn.66-67).

Migrants constitute a fundamental test stand for the application of the Declaration of fundamental human rights, this has to be made with great bold steps decisions, radial fundamental better options on the reality before our eyes that manifests itself on the deep-water sea frontiers.

The phenomenon of migration shows clearly that there is no satisfactory international economic and political order that has yet to be achieved. Something is not adding up somehow, and if that is not addressed, there will be always migrants continuing dying in the deep water seas in order to look for deep the green pasture in Europe. All nations have to put their forces together and literally confront the reality of migration. One nation problem is problem for all.

In the 80s, and late 90s many thought terrorism was one country problem, most European countries ignored it, Europe became indifferent and did not want to listen. They looked at the reality as phenomenon of disgruntled, unemployed and delinquent young generational problem who have lost meaning and direction in life. Today Europe is paying for the ignored cancer and that has spread in Europe like a bush fire which they can’t put off.

Once migration is not checked and looked into, and resources put at the disposal to look into what exactly is causing the great exodus out of Africa to Europe, it will be a time bomb that Europe may not handle. The drama will continue and with daring, glaring repercussions.

Europeans came to Africa and talked well about Europe how it has developed, cultured, organised and everything literally works. Take has passed and now the migrants are warming up to see this promised land of milk and honey. Europe has now to prove that what they promised, talked about has to work. Once you open your door to the strangers, it’s not something worth new explanation but, charity put in practice.

There will always be enough bread for all, but don’t give bread while complaining, that is what changes reality. Like the lady in the bible with Elijah, floor and oil didn’t finish actually it was in abundant. This is what civilization is all about, that civilization ought to be rooted in love, overcoming rigidity and entering into the mode of nationalism, that the few people of the given communities not look at migrants as nuisance, inconvenience and out to cause disorder and discomfort.

We all I do believe pray the prayer of ‘OUR FATHER…’ that says,there is a part which says ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ and for sure God always provides that daily bread, the great miracle id the way we share that bread at the table. Jess teaches us to ‘take it, break it, break it and share it’ he doesn’t say take it and hide it somewhere. To do this, is a sign of weak society, selfish society and auto sufficient attitude that has no space or place in the international family.

Migrants work but they are not assured of working permit, if they really work, their work and earning is basically hand to mouth for basic sustainability. There are people who strive in exploitation for the migrants for personal economic gains, hence subjecting the migrants to untold painful experiences which simply are left inn hearts and are never shared for fear of backlash.

Migrants are vulnerable, weak and susceptible to all types of dangers. The host nations have to make sure that as they settle the migrants, decent dignified accorded housing, healthcare, food, schooling are not pathetic or dehumanizing conditions and environment.

Migrants should not be turned into child labour, prostitution, human trafficking, forced labour, house confinement, brothels or death dens of migrants. Sometimes what happens in some of these European cities as far as migrants are concerned is never exposed to the media for the fear of exposing the nation to the international family. Once in a while something small is put on the news bars and that means it has been leaked, or the situation is bad. That means there devilish, fetish, carnivorous underground world of horror, blood thirst orgies and vampire kingdom.

If the migrants could have known of these happenings they would not dare risk their lives in deep water seas, but because of economic and political conditions of some countries are serious factors causing these ever more clandestine exoduses.

Sometimes, if not often the spiritual good towards the migrants lacks, coercion in religious field, but also real possibility of worship and of religious practice. These migrants come across horrible things in the deep seas, that once you listen to their testimonies of those who manage to reach the show, looks like an unfinished movie. The face death, their souls sink into the sea and what remain is simply a body shell with no dignity but an entity closer of humanity. They need spiritual strength, counselling, some sought of religiosity for soul searching and healing the wounds.

In the Declaration of Religious Liberty, the Vatican II Council stated that ‘A human being has a right to religious freedom. Freedom of this kind means that all men and women should be immuned to coercion on the part of the individuals, social groups and every human power so that, within due limits, nobody is forced to act against his conviction in the religious matters in private or public, alone or in association with others …. the Council further declares that the right to religious freedom is based on every dignity of human person as known through the revealed word of God and by reason itself’.

The right of the human person to religious freedom must be given such recognition in the constitutional order of society as will make it civil rights (Vatican II Council Declaration on Religious Liberty Dignitatis Humanae, 7 December 1975, nn.2)

For this reason, ‘The church strictly forbids that anyone should be forced to accept the faith, or be induced or enticed by unworthy devices, as it likewise strongly defends the rights that no one should be frightened away from the faith by unjust persecutions’ (II Vatican Council, Decree on Church Missionary Activity Ad Gentes Divinitis, 7 Dec 1965, nn.13).

In many past years migrants have been discriminated against and prevented from professing their religious faith, when it differed with the official religion. In numerous occasions they have been forced to practice their religion in secrecy. Its therefore opportune that those concerned governments and countries restate expressly and for today’s society the freedom to worship and the right to association for religious purposes. To find the sunk spirit and soul of the migrants.

Freedom of movement be accorded to pastors and clergy, who intend to minister and assist the migrant workers and their families. Their presence is catalytic agent in promoting a positive insertion of migrants in new countries. Offering of language and cultural programmes of study especially for migrant women, frequently excluded, particularly if employed in domestic work, from contacts with the local society, thus running the risk of acute isolation for themselves and their families. A priority goal, the protection of migrant women against all conditions of exploitation and marginalization.

Its through culture that man lives a truly human life’…This was reiterated by John Paul II, address to UNESCO Paris, 2 June 1980. The right of everyone and every people to culture translates itself also in the teaching of language and culture of origin, integrated in normal courses also by the indigenous student population, so that future generations will acquire greater knowledge and consequently, greater respect, for the values and riches of every culture, and thus the human family may draw closer even within the diversity and richness of all cultures.

The migrant workers not only contribute with their labour to the wealth of the receiving country, but also by bringing their own cultural heritage. In conjunction with the respect for the migrants’ culture, there must be also the guaranty for continuing education. The receiving country should not regard cultural problems as economic liability, but rather as a long-term investment which will bring a cultural enrichment and guaranties of peace and harmony among various ethnic groups.

The discrimination between local and migrant families must be avoided, as well as circumstances leading to possible breaking of family ties. Husband and wife shouldn’t be separated from their families, the unity of the family ought to be respected, upheld, for the family is the single unit of civilization, it’s the church and mover of peace, harmony and development of any country.

All rights of migrants should be supported by all the countries which make up the United Nation and become a decisive impulse for programme in favour of migrant workers and their families.

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